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Lexus Auto Service

HM Motor Works is an independent Lexus service center. We work on all Lexus (both hybrid and internal combustion only motor-trains) sedans, coupes, and SUVs including regular maintenance, advanced diagnosis, repairs of broken systems and projects.


• Change Engine Oil & Filter
• Inspect and Adjust All Drive Belts
• Inspect All Fluid Levels and Correct as Needed (battery, transmission, differential, coolant, windshield water, etc.)
• Check and Adjust Brake Fluid Condition, Master Cylinder and Brake Booster
• Remove Wheels – Clean, Adjust and Inspect Linings, Wheel Cylinders, Pads and Calipers, All Hydraulic Lines, Fittings and Hoses
• Rotate Tires
• Balance Wheels
• Check Tire Wear and Pressure
• Inspect Steering and Shocks
• Inspect Drive Shaft Boots, Clamps, Ball Joints and Dust Covers
• Replace Wiper Inserts
• Inspect Spark Plug Wiring and Connectors
• Inspect and Tighten Exhaust and Manifold Bolts
• Inspect Cooling System
• Inspect Cabin Air Filter and AC System For Proper Cooling
• Service Battery and Clean Terminals
• Inspect Air Filter
• Check all Lights and Accessories For Proper Operation
• Check All Door Locks/Handles and Hood Latch Lubricate Door Hinges
• Road Test For Performance
• Wash

Lexus Recommends Changing A/C Filters Every 15,000 Miles or Once a Year





MAINTENANCE SERVICE AT 30,000 / 60,000 & 90,000 MILES

• Inspect Engine Timing Belt
• Inspect All Fluid Levels, Drain and Correct as Needed (battery, differential, coolant, etc.)
• Inspect Ball Joints, Front Suspension, Tires for Abnormal Wear and Correct Tire Pressure
• Check Operation of Lights and Wipers
• Lubricate Doors, Hood Hinges and Chassis
• Change Engine Oil & Filter
• Balance & Rotate Tires
• Replace Drive Belt(s) (60,000 miles only)
• Change Brake Fluid, Inspect Parking Brake System, Master Cylinder and Brake Booster, Adjust as Needed
• Replace Wiper Inserts
• Replace Platinum Tip spark Plugs (90,000 miles only)
• Replace PCV Filter (60,000 miles only)
• Remove Wheels, Clean, Adjust and Inspect Linings, Wheel Cylinders, Pads and Calipers, All Hydraulic Lines, Fittings and Hoses.
• Change Power Steering Fluid (if applicable)
• Coolant System Service, Flush Radiator and Replace Coolant
• Replace Fuel Filter (if applicable)
• Inspect and Tighten Exhaust and Manifold Bolts
• Tighten Chassis Bolts
• Service Battery and Clean Terminals
• Replace Engine Air Filter and A/C Cabin Air Filter
• Service Transmission – Automatic Change Fluid (if applicable)

• Road Test for Performance
• Wash

Lexus Recommends Replacing Engine Timing Belt at 90,000 Miles